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John David

John David is a spiritual teacher, author, filmmaker and painter. Growing up in the UK, from a young age he was engaged with the fundamental question: ‘What is life about?’ Having studied Civil Engineering and Architecture, he moved to Japan, where he first heard about Satsang and Osho. A short time later he came unexpectedly to Osho’s ashram in Pune, where he stayed on and off for fifteen years. After the death of Osho, he arrived at the doorstep of his second master, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, also known as Papaji, who was a direct disciple of Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Here, twenty years of spiritual searching ended, and he discovered ‘who he really was’.

John David stayed with Papaji for the next 5 years, then moved to Australia, where he began in sharing in Satsang meetings. In 2003 he returned to Europe, and began travelling and giving Satsang in Germany. After a summer retreat in 2004, John David and a group of students started a spiritual community together, Open Sky House, focused on Satsang and spiritual awakening,

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John David`s teaching is influenced by the Eastern Advaita tradition. The simple and direct message that comes through John David is to become quiet, to become empty, and to discover that we are happiness itself. His teaching and guidance occurs in Satsang meetings and retreats, as well as in the day-to-day life of the Open Sky House communities.

 The main community is near Cologne in Germany, where about 20 close students from different countries work and live closely together. It has become an international meeting place for people interested in Satsang and spiritual awakening. In 2013 John David supported a group of Ukraine students to start a community in Trypillia near Kiev, and since 2015 there is an Open Sky House in Denia near Valencia in Spain at the Mediterranean coast.

There is a lively exchange between all three Open Sky House communities and John David travels between them, holding regular weekends and retreats as well as broadcasting live Satsang via the Internet two evenings a week

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What people say

Thank you very much for the love with which your books and films are made. Nourishing and inspiring food for mind and soul.

Ole Jensen, Denmark

John David’s books have a style of their own which I really like. Deeply spiritual, easy to understand, written in a humorous way and very down to earth. Katja Koch, Germany

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I am very glad that you are publishing these inspiring and beautifully designed books. These treasures have been with me for many years and are always a good guide. I like to browse them and always find something new. Keep it up! Your loving work is a real asset to my life. Many Thanks.

Oliver from Bavaria, Germany


Great that your films have subtitles, in so many languages, so I can also send them to my friends abroad.

Felix Danillo, Switzerland


I especially like that you have very beautiful and interesting photos in every book.

Joan Robinson, UK