Sex, Money, Power - Osho

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Sex, Money, Power - Osho

7.00 €

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An excerpt:
"Money and sex are the lowest, and people are living only in the world of money and sex – and they think they are living. They are not living, they are only vegetating, they are only dying. This is not life. Life has many more kingdoms to be revealed, an infinite treasure which is not of this world. Neither can sex give it to you, nor money. Unless you know something which cannot be sold and cannot be purchased, unless you know something which is beyond money, you have not known real life. With birth you are not born as a tree, you are born only as a seed, and you have to grow to the point where you come to flowering, and that flowering will be your contentment, fulfillment. This flowering has nothing to do with power, nothing to do with money, nothing to do with politics."

Verlag: Full Circle
ISBN: 81-7621-163-X