From Sex to Superconsciousness - Osho

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From Sex to Superconsciousness - Osho

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Perhaps the best known title of osho's hundreds of books. In a series of five lectures given in Bombay, Osho advises on the way to transend sex.
"The route is simple:sex just has to be part of your religious life, it has to be something sacred. Sex has to be something not obscene, not pornographic, not condemned, not repressed but immensely respected, because we are born out of it. It is our very life source. I request you to approach sex only when you are feeling bliss,feeling love,when you are cheerful, when you are prayerful; only when you feel that your heart is full of joy, peace and gratitude. Only a person who approached sex like this can experience superconsciousness, samadhi."

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