The Life of Ramakrishna - Romain Rolland

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The Life of Ramakrishna - Romain Rolland

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Romain Rolland
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French Nobel laureate Romain Rolland’s (1866-1944) excellent biography of Sri Ramakrishna. This biography was written 40 years after the death of the great Saint and contains a plenitude of material provided by the Ramakrishna Mission as well as precious personal memories of Swami Shivananda, the Superior of the order at the time.
Rolland went through great efforts to gather the material for the book and felt obviously greatly enriched by his encounter with Ramakrishna. He said to his readers: “And it is because Ramakrishna more fully than any other man not only conceived, but realized in himself the total unity of this river of God, open to all rivers and all streams (…)”

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