Interview with Mooji

28,80 EUR

28.80 €

The full interview from the European Spiritual Masters DVD.

Meeting Mooji closely in this interview, we find our false ideas, and the illusion of the search for Enlightenment, stripped away with great love. While encouraging the earnest practise of Self-enquiry, what is expressed most beautifully through Mooji is a warm, devotional, deeply alive presence, which touches our hearts.

Born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, Mooji is a direct disciple of the renowned Advaita master, Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). Many years before he met Papaji, a shattering of his personal identity had occurred after a brief encounter with a young Christian mystic. Then, in late 1993, the teachings of the Indian saint Sri Rama Krishna Paramhansa drew him to India, where he unexpectedly met Papaji, who stripped him of the last false beliefs in an illusory ‘I’. Mooji founded, and now lives in the spiritual community Monte Sahaja, in Portugal, encouraging Self-enquiry to truly discover the imperishable nature of who we are.


Publisher: Open Sky Press Ltd.
Director: John David
Production: Tara
DVD PAL, 80 min
Language: Spoken English


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