Interview with OM C. Parkin

28,80 EUR

28.80 €

The full interview from the European Spiritual Masters DVD.

The power of OM’s gift is to guide people, through his own inner stillness, to experience the same for themselves, knowing deeply then inner peace and clarity. Meeting him in this interview, we find the Self being revealed through his clear, insightful observations, and through the stillness that speaks beyond the words.

OM C. Parkin is a spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, mystic and teacher of the Enneagram. When he was twenty-seven years old he had a near-death experience in a serious car accident. This crushed the idea of an ‘I’ existing on its own. Shortly afterwards, he met Gangaji. Through this meeting, his recognition of the non-existence of an ‘I’ deepened. Poonjaji gave him the name OM. Since 1995, OM has connected the path of the mystic with the therapeutic art of healing. This is what he calls ‘inner work’ and is based on the typology of the Enneagram.


Publisher: Open Sky Press Ltd.
Director: Premananda
Production: Tara
DVD PAL, 90 min
Language: Spoken English

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