Interview with Kiran

28,80 EUR

28.80 €

The full interview from the Blueprints for Awakening DVD.

This film offers a unique insight for those wishing to taste the authentic Indian spiritual tradition.

Kiran was a modern spiritual teacher, a businessman and family man, who felt very much with himself.

Kiran was born in 1941, he studied Hindu philosophy at the Sanskrit College in Thane. In 1967 he became a disciple of Osho while pursuing the life of an industrialist and a householder. Following Osho’s 1981 departure from India for the United States, Kiran sought out a number of other gurus. The one who influenced him most was U.G. Krishnamurti. In 1993 he began to teach. He left his body in March 2006, aged sixty-five.


Publisher: Open Sky Press Ltd.
Director: John David (formerly Premananda)
Production: Tara
DVD PAL, 95 min
Language: Indian English

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