CD Authentic Love - Relationships, Love and Sex

12,20 EUR

12.20 €

John David (formerly Premananda)
A set of 2 CDs

In this Meeting Premananda points out the tragic nature of looking for love from the 'other'. Tragic because our essential nature is Authentic Love. By 'waking up' to our true nature and seeing the illusion of 'my story' we discover that what we were always hunting for on the outside is in fact our nature.

In the second DVD John David introduces members of his Sangha to tell their intimate relationship dramas to illustrate his teaching.

“Your nature is Authentic Love and it simply is. You don´t have to do anything for that, because you are that."

Produced by Open Sky Press
Music by Open Sky Band
English with German translation
2 CD Set – 2 hours

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