CD Devotion - Surrender and Trust

9,80 EUR

9.80 €

by John David (formerly Premananda)
1 CD

In this Meeting, John David speaks of how spiritual rituals such as prayer, puja and pilgrimage can look strange from the outside but can have a profound effect inside the practitioner. The invitation is to simply surrender to what is in each moment, to let life unfold and trust in this unfolding. He illustrates his talk with reference to his experience living in India and Japan.

"Fundamental to Devotion is an acceptance of what is. Something happens and you accept it, even when you think that you don’t like it. This sounds already very uncomfortable and challenging, but it has an enourmous effect. If you continually surrender your personal wanting, then something profound happens."

Produced by Open Sky Press
Music by Open Sky Ensemble
English with German translation
1 CDD – 1 hour

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