CD The Fortress - The Ego and False Self

12,20 EUR

12.20 €

by John David (formerly Premananda)
A set of 2 CDs

In this Meeting John David unfolds the workings of the ego or false self using the metaphor of the Fortress. How we build up our ego brick by brick, how we defend it against our enemies and invite in our friends, those who agree with our `story.´ Finally he suggests the possibility of seeing that the Fortress is an illusion and of living our lives free of this illusion, to dance naked in the sunshine.

"John David is always hunting around for a few cracks in your fortress where he can put in his explosives and try to blow it up. Of course, this is not a very easy job because naturally your fortress is very well defended."

Produced by Open Sky Press
Music by Open Sky Ensemble
English with German translation
2 CD Set – 2 hours

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