CD Guru - The one who brings light

12,20 EUR

12.20 €

by John David (formerly Premananda)
A set of 2 CDs

In this Meeting John David talks about the meaning of Guru. He examines the relationship between the Master and the disciple – the Ultimate Love Affair. Out of his twenty years of surrendering to his own Masters, John David goes deeply into the meaning of this relationship. A living Master acts as a mirror, reflecting back to us those deeply held beliefs and structures which keep us from freedom. In the second DVD John David invites Kamal, a friend, to share his twentyseven year experince living with two Masters. Together they answer questions.

"The guru is the one who shows you that you are not any different from the guru. The one who knows brings the knowing to the one who doesn´t know. Both are the Self. The guru knows he is the Self, while the disciple doesn´t know yet."

Produced by Open Sky Press
Music by Open Sky Ensemble
English with German translation
2 CDs – 2 hours

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