CD Who am I? - Sri Ramana Maharshi's Teaching

9,80 EUR

9.80 €

by John David (formerly Premananda)
1 CD

Sri Ramana Maharshi´s Teaching

John David explains clearly and simply the teachings of the Great Indian Saint Sri Ramana Maharshi. In particular the way of Self Enquiry, `Who am I?’ Self Enquiry is considered by Ramana Maharshi to be the most direct way to Self Realisation. Ramana Maharshi was suggesting a way of coming to your True Nature. He suggests asking, `who is doing this action?‘ Your answer is `me‘. Then you ask `who is me?‘ and you are brought back inside to the Centre. When you come to this Centre you find out that you are Happiness, Stillness and Peace.

"Our True Nature is like the blue sky. It’s vast, it has no boundaries, it doesn‘t change. You are that." – John David

"Self Enquiry is the most direct way to your True Nature"
Sri Ramana Maharshi

Produced by Open Sky Video
Music by Open Sky Band
English with German translation
1 CD – 1 hour

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