CD A Spiritual Roadmap - Journey to Awakening

9,80 EUR

9.80 €

by John David (formerly Premananda)
1 CD

In this Meeting, filmed in January 2004, John David speaks about the lourney of a spiritual seeker. He outlines the steps and explains the importance of the fire of longing, and the moment of ‘Aha’. "If this longing is true, and if it’s your first priority, then the right teacher will appear who can guide you to Truth. He will just appear in an unexpected way and you will immediately know it."

"Very often the spiritual journey begins with a tragic event. One day you lose your job, you lose somebody who is dear to you, or there is an illness or accident and this event is a shock. In this shock your mind stops, you are present and you suddenly have an Awakening." – John David

Produced by Open Sky Press
Music by Open Sky Band
English with German translation
1 CD – 1 hour

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